Equatorial Guinea EG-17 (F13/G13)

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Project type: 3D

Seismic Surveys Location: Equatorial Guinea

Year: 2013

Acquisition mode: 12 Streamers, Dual Source

Environment: Deep Offshore

Size: 1,564 km² (full fold)

For Ministry of Mines and Hydrocarbons (MMH), Equatorial Guinea

Acquisition parameters: 

› Configuration 12 x 6,000 m

› Record Length 9.04 s

› Sample Rate 2 ms

› Fold 60

› Source Length 50 m

› Source Depth 7 m

Processed using ION's WiBand™ Broad Band Imaging Solution


Extension of the Lower Miocene turbidites basinwards from the productive reservoirs of the Aseng and Alen fields of Blocks O & I. Lower Miocene reservoir sand deposition was controlled by developing structure providing both structural and stratigraphic trapping potential. Other target reservoirs are imaged in the Paleogene and Upper Cretaceous section. The survey straddles the Bioko Deformation Zone where large structures have formed in response to Early Miocene re-activation of fracture faults. The area falls within the influence of proven petroleum systems linked to source rocks in the Paleogene and Upper Cretaceous sections. Kitchen areas are modelled for these source intervals across the region with favourably late timing of maturation.